What We Do

ACI Entertainment is into Film and Television Production, Music/Audio Production, Event Management, Broadcast Solutions, Marketing Communication & Branding, Artiste Management and Hospitality/Recreation.

For over a decade, our Recording Studio has proudly provided top professional audio recording and mixing/mastering services to the music, film, and advertising industries as well as government institutions and agencies. From writing your film score to recording it in our state-of-the art studio, we are experts in cutting-edge Audio and Music production.

Creatively and technologically, we can produce your sound in the desired form for your desired audience, produce your film and TV content; relieve you of the stress of managing events; provide solutions to your broadcast needs; implement your branding and communication strategies to reach target market; promote your artists/production; collaborate to make your artistic concepts a commercial success while also ensuring that you have a comfortable place to retire to for recreation and relaxation.

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