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Film & TV Production

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A good film or television production requires a combination of skills, ranging from creativity to technical expertise, as ideas are expressed with sound, light and the raw material that is being filmed. From traditional to experimental film production, we are experienced producers in this media.

We have experience and expertise in film & television production whether on location or in the studio.

We pride ourselves with a Creative Team that is highly versatile in the art of filmmaking. From script to screen, we will deliver your feature film, documentary, short-film, tv-series, telenovella, sitcom or romcom to meet international standards; working efficiently within your budget and schedule.

Our state-of-the-art up-to-date filming equipment coupled with our network and collaboration with world-class filmmakers in the US gives us edge in the industry.

At ACI Entertainment, we create original content for all media platforms ranging from web series, short films, tv-shows, soap operas, telenovelas, docu-dramas to feature films.  Our expertise in the area of research, story development, scripting, production and post-production as well as all elements in the content creation process is unparalleled in the Nigerian Creative sector. 

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